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Now onto Kobe. He is the most kind, loving, and friendly dog I have ever met. Although he loves being surrounded by people, he is also very independent. At times, we find him just hanging out by himself outside, exploring his surroundings. Kobe also loves to be active by running and swimming. He is the PERFECT dog for families of all ages. Our family has 3 children ranging from 18-23, so it was nice for all of us to be home during the summer to help train him. Lastly, Kobe is a very very smart dog. He has never had an accident in the house (thanks to Whitney and Andrew for teaching him to potty on the grass), he picks up training commands very fast and is very observant of his surrounds. We loved and still do love our experience with CedarBend Labradoodles and we hope other families have the opportunity to experience what we are!

CedarBend far exceeded our families expectations during this process. I flew all the way from New Jersey to pick up Kobe. Whitney and Andrew were extremely helpful when it came to picking him up. Andrew helped me coordinate my flights and Whitney drove all the way to the airport, with 2 children, to drop off Kobe when I landed. Once Kobe made it to New Jersey, Whitney and Andrew kept in touch to make sure he was settled into our family. They didn't mind that I would text them multiple times a day asking a million questions!

From day one, Daisey has been a positive part of our family. She is smart, energetic, playful, and lovable which has made the adjustment to our family so easy. She is very smart and responsive to training commands and is eager to please. She loves to play with our kids and loves to be around people. An added bonus is the no shedding which I love!


We are so happy we chose to adopt a puppy from Cedar Bend Labradoodles! Whitney and Andrew were very communicative throughout the whole process and provided excellent updates on the puppies' progress (along with gorgeous photos). We loved watching the puppies on the puppy cam! Our puppy is everything we wanted and more - he is adorable, smart,  sweet, and fun. We are thrilled to have him as part of our family. I highly recommend the labradoodle breed and Cedar Bend Labradoodles! 




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We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you, Whitney and Andrew for being the absolute best people to care for all of these already well-loved puppies. They have had such a positive early experience and that is all due to you (along with Chip and Ellie of course). We can't thank you enough for all of the time, energy and care that you've shown these pups. You've been so responsive to our questions and the beautifully shot photos and adorable videos have made this waiting time bearable. We love Henry so much and are so happy to have him as a part of our family!

We are in love with Oakley, our Cedar Bend Labradoodle puppy that we adopted in February of 2017. We have boys that have severe allergies to dogs and we have not had any issues with this breed. Whitney and Andrew worked with us to make sure that we picked the puppy with a temperament that would thrive in our active household. The extensive socialization that the puppies receive at Cedar Bend has helped Oakley to be so confident, curious, loving and excited to meet new people. We are thankful to be part of the Cedar Bend Labradoodle family. 


Update at 10.5 months old: Daisey is simply an amazing dog.  She loves our family and quickly became a "big-lap dog.  Everyday, our kids eagerly and energetically play with her and she is easy to walk. She absolutely loves the dog park where she happily frolics with other dogs. Many people comment on how "cute" she is and ask what kind of dog she is.  We love her!!


Whitney and Andrew at Cedar Bend was such a great experience! We visited them multiple times before bringing Max home and they were always so welcoming and answered all of our questions each time. We also loved the many picture updates we got before we brought him home. After bringing him home, they've been just as great! We know that we can go to them with anything that comes up or any questions, and they make sure to check in on us as well. They truly care about their puppies and want to make sure everything goes well. Max is the sweetest puppy and has been such a great addition to our household! He is a very smart dog and picks up on training very quickly, he loves to play but also LOVES to cuddle. We love him!!