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Meet our family!

About Us

Cedar Bend Labradoodles is owned and operated by Andrew and Whitney Chardoulias, we have a large blended family with many children, Brenna 18, Maria 16, Bria 14, Quincy 11, Fletcher 7, Rowe 6, and River 5. We hope to meet you someday to make you a part of our Cedar Bend Family too!


We live on a 4.5 acre farm in Cedar Falls, Iowa with chickens, horses, cats, and of course, our dogs. Our puppies are raised in our 1,000 sq. ft. puppy nursery, that is attached to our house. They also spend lots of time exploring outside when weather allows. Andrew and I are both home full time, and we have a wonderful assistant named Maddy who comes Monday - Friday for additional help. Our focus at Cedar Bend is socialization. Our puppies are handled daily, from the day they are born, and are exposed to as many sights, sounds, and experiences as possible before they go home to you. 

We can't wait to meet you!

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