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Purchasing Information

- The cost of a Cedar Bend puppy is $3,000 + tax

This is our pet price.


- We require  $500 retainer to be placed on a reservation list. This retainer is non-refundable. 

- Your remaining balance of $2,500 + tax is due when puppies are six weeks old.


- Visit our current and/or upcoming litters page to see what we have coming up.

Current Litters

Upcoming Litters

- Fill out a puppy application Here

Once we have received your application, we will email an electronic contract for you to review and sign.

When that has been completed you can follow the instructions in the contract to pay your non-refundable retainer and be placed on our reservation list.


Sires are subject to change at any time for a variety of reasons. 

All of our dates are estimates. We have an idea of when our girls should cycle but we are dealing with Mother Nature and she doesn't care about our schedule. A girl may cycle sooner or later than expected. This is out of our control and by getting on our reservation list, you understand the timing is only an estimation. 



Your spot on our reservation list in NO way allows you to "pick" which puppy is yours, it only guarantees you a spot on the litter. 


We work with a trainer to decide which puppies will be placed in each home based upon their temperament and personality. The puppies will undergo a series of tests to help us select which home will be the best fit for them.




We do not place puppies with families based on their color/coats/markings or gender. Cedar Bend Labradoodles has the right to refuse sale of a puppy to any person and/or refund retainers or purchases of puppies at any time before they go home.

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