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Upcoming Litters

Interested in adding a puppy to your breeding program?


Send us an email, we love to work with new or established breeders.


*Sires are subject to change at ANY time due to numerous factors*


All dates are estimates.

Note: All of the Mommas you see below live happily in their guardian homes, and come to us when they are ready to whelp their puppies, and then return to their guardian families after puppies are weaned. We only ever have a few girls at our house at a time. The only dogs that stay with us full time, are our dogs Bailey and Wren. All other dogs, males included, live in guardian homes.





Piper and Gable Honeymooned

Approximately Due: June 9th

Tentative Gotcha Day: Early August

Size: 40-60lbs

This will be Piper's 3rd and final litter! Piper's puppies are considered 'new infusion' Australian Labradoodles and will likely shed some. Due to this, her puppies are priced at $1,750.00 + tax. We do have pictures of puppies from Piper's previous litters if you'd like to see them!

Reservation List:
1. Reserved for Breeder
2. Available

3. Available

4. Available





Ruby and Wrigley Honeymooned!

Approximately Due: July 10th

Tentative Gotcha Day: Early September

Size: 30-35lbs

This will be Ruby's 2nd litter! Her first litter had lots of fun colors in it, we loved the puppies so much, we ended up keeping one for our own family! Her name is Millie and she's sweet as pie. We expect the same this time around!

Reservation List:
1. O'Regan
2. Rhee

3. Kray

4. Mauricio

5. Available

6. Available

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