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You've got questions, and we've got answers!

  • Which puppies are available? 

            - To see which litters we currently have on the ground, check out our 'current litters' page. Here you will                  find our reservation lists and see what litters still have openings on them. Because we temperament                      test our puppies and match them to their family's when they are seven weeks old, we won't know                          which puppy is available until then.

  • What is 'Temperament Testing' and how does it work?
    -If you are on a reservation list, we will send you a personality questionnaire when the puppies in your litter are three weeks old. Then, when puppies are seven weeks old, we will meet with our trainer and evaluate each puppy, one on one, and assess who we think we will be the best match for each family. Each family will be notified via email who their match is. 

  • Can we request a boy/girl or certain color?

             - You can specify if there is a gender or color you prefer, but you are doing so with the understanding that we do NOT guarantee you will be matched to either. For example, if you say you really want a girl, but in your questionnaire you say you are an older couple who live in an apartment and are looking for a dog that can be a companion to hang out on the couch with during the day and take an occasional walk with, and all of the females in the litter are high strung and very active, it would be downright silly of us to match you to a female knowing she isnt going to be a good match for you. 

Because gender and color have nothing to do with temperament, we do not guarantee either one of those. 

Now, if we have both a male and a female puppy that would be a good fit for you, and we know you prefer a female, then we would match you to that female. But at the end of the day, we want our dogs in their forever homes, and if we match a puppy to you that isn't a good fit for your lifestyle, just because its a girl or boy, or the color you want, we are doing both you, and your puppy a disservice.

  • Can we just wait until a puppy that is the right gender/color is a good match for us temperament wise?

             - No. If you got on a reservation list for a litter, and were hoping for a girl, and at seven weeks old, when                   we temperament tested the puppies, and the best match for you was a boy, and you opted to 'pass' on                him and wait for a girl, we now have a 7 week old puppy that we spent quite a bit of time temperament                testing for you, that we now have to find a new home for in one week. This puts us in an unfair position,                 and also is unfair to the puppy who might not get matched to a family who is a good fit for him, like he                  would have in the temperament testing. Anyone getting on our reservation list, is doing so with the                        understanding that they can be matched to *any* puppy in the litter.​

  • What if we don't like the puppy we are matched to?
    - You will be refunded, minus your retainer, and asked to find a different breeder to work with.

  • What is the price of a puppy? 

              - $3,000 + 7% sales tax, so a total of $3,210.00. The $250 retainer that you pay to get on the master list,                    and again to get on the reservation list, both go towards the total cost of your puppy. Your remaining                     balance of $2,710 is due when puppies are six weeks of age.​

  • What do our puppies come home with?

            - Your puppies will have received their first vaccination. They will be microchipped, and will be de-                             wormed at 1, 3, 5 and 7 weeks of age. They will receive a wellness exam by our veterinarian and will be                 sent home with the paperwork from our vet showing everything he checked on your puppy. Their                          Gotcha Day bag will also include a folder with various topics of information, their microchip tag, de-                        worming information, vaccine information, etc. They will also have a collar, toys, treats, and a blanket                      with their littermate's scent on it.​

  • What 'training' do you do?

            - From the day the puppies are born, we start with ENS on our puppies, which stands for 'early                                  neurological stimulation' you can google this to read more about it! We follow the puppy culture                            protocol for raising puppies so we aim to expose them to as many things as possible before they go                      home.

           - Your puppies listen to a CD every night with 18 different sound tracks on it. Some of those sound                              tracks include cars honking, storms, fireworks, babies crying, cats meowing, construction sites,                                hammering, and many more. Because we play this CD at night, your puppies learn to sleep right                            through it, and in the future, when they hear these sounds again, they aren't bothered by them. This                     helps reduce anxiety around storms, fireworks, etc and helps provide you with a well rounded dog.​

           - Your puppy will begin kennel training at 3 weeks of age, and by 6 weeks of age they will be sleeping 8                  hours a night in a kennel.

          - Your puppy will be exposed to children, the outdoors, and car rides before they go home as well. 

  • Can we come visit?

           - No. When we first started breeding, we did allow visitors, and we quickly learned it took over our lives.                   We have four young children, and we would have visitors at our house multiple times a week, and                         sometimes people would stay for 1+ hours playing with the puppies. Not only did it cut into our work                      hours, but it cut into our family time too, and just became impossible to continue. Not only that, but we                  want to protect both our Momma's and our young puppies from any kind of diseases/germs. We have                  no way of knowing if someone coming to visit, may have also went to visit multiple other breeders too,                  and for all we know, those others breeders may have parvo, kennel cough, giardian, coccidia, or any                      other  list of illnesses at their facility, that now you have tracked into ours. So for both our sanity, and                       our puppies safety, we do not allow visitors. You can however, get a glimpse into how we do things by                  visiting our Facebook page and watching one of the hundreds of videos we have posted there,                                many of them live videos.​

  • How many dogs do you have living with you?

             - Two! Our girl Bailey is our personal dog who lives with us, she was from the very first litter we ever                 had and is now retired. We also have our girl Wren who is also spayed and just our personal pet. All of the other dogs in our program live in their guardian homes. You can read more about our guardian program HERE

  • What if we want to breed our dog, is that allowed?

             - All of our puppies are sent home on a strict spay/neuter contract that we do enforce legally if we have                 to. If you were interested in buying a male or female to breed, the cost of that starts at $10,000 and                      you would be required to do extensive health testing on your dog before you would be able to breed it. ​

  • Do you belong to any associations?

             - Yes, we belong to the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, or ALAA.​

  • How long have you been breeding?

            - Since 2015​

  • What attracted you to the Australian Labradoodle breed?

            - Their incredible temperament, their beautiful looks, and their non-shedding coats!​

  • Are your dogs allergy friendly?

            - Yes! They are. Their non-shedding coats make them great candidates for families who suffer with dog                  allergies. However, if you are allergic to a dogs saliva, there is a chance you could still react to an ALD.​

  • Do you ever have an older dog available to purchase?

            - Very rarely. Since we started breeding we have had 3 dogs returned to us, and all of them were re-                        homed within just a few days. Because of all of our Momma's and Dad's live in guardian homes, they do               not need 'new homes' when they retire. ​

  • Will you keep my puppy longer for additional training?

             - Yes! We offer a two week training boot camp for $1,000.

  • Will you keep our puppy past their Gotcha Day?​​

             - Yes! There is a $50.00/day fee.

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