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After struggling with picky eaters and ear infections, we were on the search for a quality dog food.  Recently we were introduced to pawTree. We were so impressed by the quality and high standards and the amazing testimonials from customers and field representatives of this company, that we decided to switch all of our dogs and puppies to pawTree. Here at Cedar Bend, we have made it our focus to protect the health and future, while maintaining the integrity, of the Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle Breed and to offer our Cedar Bend Labradoodle families healthy, gorgeous, and sweet-tempered puppies that will bring doodle love and silly laughter to their home. We know that nutrition is an integral part of that equation.

One of the things we love most about pawTree is their selection of different foods to ensure each person finds a food that is perfect for their dood.


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All of the products on our page are products we personally use. After lots of 'trial & error' these are the best of the best. 

The pin brush is perfect for full body brushing. A metal comb is a necessity to ensure you are brushing all the way down to your dogs skin and avoid any matting. The de-matting comb comes in handy if you ever do have matts and need to brush them out. A force air blow dryer is a necessity for your doodle, as their coat needs to be completely dried if you ever bathe them, to prevent matting. Personal hair dryers will take you hours, the force air blow dryer takes around 20 minutes for a full grown doodle. 

The grooming table is not a necessity but certainly nice to have! They fold up for easy storage. The deodorizing mist smells so good and we love to use it in-between grooming sessions! 


Australian Labradoodles are known to be finicky eaters with sensitive stomachs. Because of this we don't buy any treats or food from big box stores, as most of them tend to have a lot of fillers in them that our ALD's can't handle. All of the food and treats listed below are ones that are tried and true for our doods! We also love to use daily probiotics and salmon oil to help their digestive tract as well!


A daily probiotic is vital to a healthy gut and normal stools!


Salmon oil is AMAZING for your dogs coat! We put a few squirts in their food bowls very morning to help maintain their coats.


We love all of the pawTree treats, but the freeze dried ones, and the dental sticks are some of our favorites!


You may be tempted to buy your dog a cute harness, but please don't! Harness allow your dogs to pull harder, matt your dogs coat, and often impede their ability to move their legs correctly which can cause joint issues later in life.

A flat collar is the best thing you can get for your new puppy to learn to walk nicely on a leash, and if taught as a puppy, will work well all the way into adulthood.

We use the Fi GPS tracking collars for our dogs, they alert us if our dogs ever leave our property, and give us peace of mind that we always would know where our dogs are if they ever got lost. 

On another note, one of the worst types of leashes you can buy for your dog is a retractable leash. 
They teach your dog to pull, and the mechanism inside the leash is known to fail, which has caused dogs to run out into traffic, get too close to other dogs or people, etc. Please use a 6 foot leash to help keep your dog safe and well behaved.


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Kennel training is one of THE most important training you will do with your dog. Spending time in the kennel is one of the best ways to prevent separation anxiety. The end goal is that your dog won't ever NEED to be kenneled, and they can be left alone in your house when you leave, and they can eventually sleep with you in bed. But the ONLY way to get a dog like that, is by kennel training them as puppies! The kennel needs to be big enough for your puppy to turn around and stand in comfortably. If the kennel is too big, your puppy will have accidents in it. Because of that, we recommend buying a kennel with a divider in it so it can grow with your puppy.

Perfect for use inside the kennel, machine washable incase puppy has accident.


Our puppies LOVE these donut beds and they are great for use outside of the kennel!



Doodles are known for their intelligence! Five minutes of a toy that stimulates their brain is as exhausting for a doodle as 20 minutes of physical exercise. 

If Doodles are not given an opportunity to use their intelligence in constructive ways, they often will find ways not so constructive, so keep those brains busy!


Here's some of our favorite interactive toys!

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