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Puppies, 7 weeks old

The puppies are seven weeks old today! Have you noticed them not on the camera much lately? Thats because we have been spending a lot of time outside or playing in the kitchen, I try to only put them in their pen when they are ready to sleep. We have been very busy this week! Three puppies took a road trip to Muscatine (about an hour and 15 minutes away) to play with a group of kids. My Mom runs an after school camp, so we decided to pay them a visit. Lilac, Puddles (now Henry) and Thunder (now Maverick)went along. They all traveled awesome in the car and had great fun with the kids once we were there. Everyone was asking me if we had any puppies left available, they were very loved!

Aside from our trip to Muscatine, the puppies are also spending time getting used to their kennel. I leave the kennel outside on our patio when I put the puppies outside and they will crawl in it and curl up when they get tired. It is great for them to get accustomed to being in the kennel so when they go home it is not something new. All of the puppies are now eating solid foot (not watered down) and drinking water like pros! This week, along with working on kennel training, we will also start working more on potty training and introduce the leash. I will also have another puppy play group and we are going to try and visit a nursing home as well. Their 7 week photos will come this weekend!

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