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Sunny + Eros Birth Story

At 5:30 AM, I'm awoken by the sound of footsteps padding across my floor, I think it's most likely my son who ventures into our bed most nights, so I don't open my eyes. But then, I hear a little voice say, "Momma! Sunny had a puppy, in my bed!" I bolt upright and wake up my husband, he sits up dazed and confused, and I repeat again to him, "Sunny is having puppies in Quincy's bed!" Quincy pipes in, "Yeah - but don't worry, I made sure the puppy was out of it's sac before I came down!" Bless her, you can tell she's been raised in a dog breeding household most of her life. Que a mad rush to get upstairs and get Sunny and her pup down into our whelping box that was prepared for her a few days ago. We generally do NOT have Mom's go early, I've only ever had one other Momma deliver a day early, typically our Momma's deliver on their due dates, or one or two days past. Sunny's due date was tomorrow, so we weren't expecting any puppies today! Sunny wasn't showing any signs of labor last night, and Quincy loves to sleep with her, so Sunny was in good hands! But what a way to start a morning. Sunny settled in downstairs and had 5 more puppies by 9:30 AM. Judging by the xray- we originally counted 6 puppies, but after looking at it closer, I thought I could see 7. However, by 2:30 Sunny still hadn't had anymore puppies I think final count might be 6 after al, but time will tell! We are keeping a close eye on her.

Sunny had 5 boys and one girl! The girl is the black puppy on the far right.

From left to right: Chocolate boy with white on his chest, Apricot boy, Black phantom boy, Chocolate boy, Apricot boy with full white chest, and black female. These puppies will be mini in size, around 25lbs at full maturity, and they are ready to go home on March 24th.

All puppies come home with a two year health guarantee, they are vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed, and health checked by our vet before they go home. The puppies are also non-shedding and allergy friendly! We have numerous dogs in allergy homes with no problems!

Sunny's reservation list currently looks like this:

Reservation List:

1. Reserved for Breeder

2. Guardian - Dutton

3. Squire

4. Martinez

5. Lucas

6. Available

As you can see, she only has ONE spot still open on her reservation list. If you are interested in snagging the last spot for yourself, please visit our website and fill out a puppy application. Congratulations to Sunny and everyone on her reservation list!


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