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Second Dog, Yay or Nay?

After getting their first dog, many dog owners contemplate if it would be a good idea to get a second. Some of their worries include,

'will it be fair to our first dog?'

'Do I really want to do potty training all over again?'

'Are we financially prepared to care for two dogs?' 'We had such a good experience with our first dog, we're nervous we might not get as lucky the second time around' All of these are good things to consider, but after asking other two-dog owning families what their experience is, here is what they had to say about their Australian Labradoodles,

Things to consider when adding a second dog. Your puppy WILL take cues from your older dog. Is your older dog well behaved? Potty trained? If so, adding a second dog to your family should be a smooth transition because your new puppy will learn from your first dog! Likewise, if your first dog isn't very well behaved, you might want to reconsider adding a second dog to your family just yet, your new puppy will model the older dogs behavior, and before you know it, you have two unruly dogs in your house. If you think your first dog has a good handle on obedience and potty training, and you are financially able to cover the expenses of owning two dogs, (vet bills, grooming, and obedience..) than we think getting a second (or third!) dog should be at the top of your bucket list for 2023!


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