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Remi + Max Birth Story

Yesterday was Remi's due date. This is Remi's 3rd and final litter. All three of her litters were sired by our boy Max. After Remi + Max's first litter, and seeing how incredible their puppies were, we decided, 'why mess up a good thing?' We have been pleased as punch with each of their litters, and this is no exception! Remi + Max first litter:

And their second litter:

Remi and Max are both mini's, so we expect their puppies to be around 18-23 lbs at maturity. All puppies come home with a two year health guarantee, they are vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed, and health checked by our vet before they go home. The puppies are also non-shedding and allergy friendly! We have numerous dogs in allergy homes with no problems! Yesterday around 1:30 PM I noticed Remi was showing signs of labor. She was shivering, panting, and once her contractions started, we moved out to her whelping box where she delivered her first pup at 2:00 PM. She went on to deliver 5 more pups by 4:00 PM, and after that, she curled up with her pups and seemed to relax and be done.

We had done an x-ray on Remi for puppy count, and counted six for sure, but also thought there *might* be a 7th. So I sat with Remi another half hour after puppy number 6 was delivered, but she showed no more signs of labor and had seemed to settle in with her pups. At that point, we cleaned everything up, turned on the heaters, and left her alone with her pups so she could rest.

*This little puppy was so funny, at one point she was sprawled out with all four legs sticking straight out, enjoying the warmth from the heater blowing on her. She stayed in front of the heater just like this for a long time!*

A an hour or so later we checked in on her and still saw her happy and content with her six pups. But then, at around 8:00 PM last night, I went out to check on her again, and every time I check on Momma and pups, I do a head count. Well, my head count was '7'. I thought I must have counted wrong, so I counted again, but still, there were 7! So I looked at the colors of the pups, and sure enough, there was a 3rd parti pup. So, final count for Remi is 7 puppies! She had 4 boys and 3 girls. All are healthy as can be and Momma is happy and well rested today.

First four are boys, last three are girls. The one on the end is the girl camped out in front of the heater in the above photo.

From left to right: Girl, Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy

Remi's reservation list currently looks like this:

Reservation List:

1. Reserved for Breeder

2. King

3. Kahnk

4. Estival

5. Available

6. Available 7. Available So as you can see, she has three spots still open on her litter! This litter will be ready to go home on March 21st. If you are interested in snagging one of these pups for yourself, please visit our website and fill out a puppy application. Congratulations to Remi and everyone on her reservation list!


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