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Guardian Homes

Today I'd love to shine some light on our amazing guardian homes! A guardian home gives us the opportunity to grow our breeding program, but still have each of our dogs live in a home environment and get plenty of attention. We have four dogs at our house that live with us full time. Ellie, Bailey, and Jolene are our Australian Labradoodles, and we also have a 7 year old cocker spaniel named Melinka. We dont have the time, resources or ability take on any more dogs at our house, especially because we live in town, so because of that, we place any of our future breeding prospects into a guardian home. A female that is in guardian home will come back to our house when she is ready to be bred, then return to her guardian home until a week before delivery. At which time she will return to our house and get comfortable and ready to have her puppies, she will then remain at our house until her puppies are 8 weeks old, and then she will return back to her guardian home again. Once the female retires, she will live at her guardian home for the rest of her life. A stud is much the same, except, instead of coming to our house for 8 weeks while puppies are here, he would only come for a few days to honeymoon with our female, and then he would return home. We love that our guardian dogs get to live with their "forever" families from the very beginning, rather than staying with us until they retire, and then being rehomed as an adult. But, in order for this arrangement to work smoothly, it takes a very special person to be a guardian parent! Luckily, we have some of the VERY best guardian families every! Our first pup we placed was Daisy. Daisy is 12 weeks old and lives with her guardian family in Cedar Rapids. Daisy's guardian Mom, Cindy, came very highly recommended to us by our groomer, and if a groomer is talking highly of a dog owner, you know they must be doing something right!

Daisy's guardian Mom sends us weekly updates of Daisy's progress, and does a fantastic job both training her, as well as socializing her.

We couldn't be more thankful for such an attentive, patient, and loving guardian home for Daisy! We are so excited to see how Daisy progresses, and are glad to have her be a part of our future breeding program! Our second guardian family is the Blair Family! We have a stud dog named Brinks (formerly Mac) that is with his amazing guardian Mom Jennifer.

Jennifer has extensive experience with dogs and has high hopes of training Brinks to become a therapy dog for the facility she works at. Brinks has only been with Jennifer for a little over 24 hours, but already is settling in so nicely. He is too cute for words, (even if he does have kind of a funny haircut right now) and we are pretty excited to see what kind of puppies he will produce for us. Jennifer has already begun working with Brinks on some basic commands and he is well on his way to being potty trained.

He seems to already know that Jennifer is his Mom and loves to snuggle with her when he can, or lay at her feet when she's busy doing something else. He really is a sweetheart with a great disposition!

We are lucky to have Jennifer and her family as one of our guardian families!

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