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Labradoodle Puppies 1st Road Trip

The puppies had their first road trip today! A few nights ago I messaged Tori Wild, an amazing local photographer who specializes in newborns, if she would be interested in photographing a different kind of newborn, one with a bit more fur, and she agreed! Check out her amazing work here, So we loaded up the puppies and off we went! I was a little nervous how they would act as they have never been anywhere other then our house and our back yard, but I shouldn't have worried, because they did fabulous! Since Tori is a seasoned pro when it comes to babies, I tried to just let her do her thing! She was positioning them, fixing their ears, and tucking their little tails in all while getting them to look at her! All of the puppies did fantastic with the exception of Stormy who was more interested in playing with her siblings, or trying to turn around and face the wall behind her. We had to re-position her multiple times! We also had to have a little talk with Sonny, as he kept trying to eat the puppy next to him. After about 10 minutes of fumbling around and trying REALLY hard to get all 9 squirmy puppies to all look at the camera at the same time, they decided they had had enough and drifted off to sleep. (Except for that rascal Sonny who decided he rather liked the camera attention)

After their big debut, I loaded them back up and we headed for home. Ellie was happy to see them and they were happy to see her! All in all, their first outing was a big success, and I am happy to begin their socialization from such a young age! I have dealt with a dog in the past that had TERRIBLE motion sickness and could not handle riding in a car, by taking the pups out and getting them used to car rides, and other day-to-day things from a young age, I hope to provide a well adjusted and socialized puppy for you to welcome into your home!

All tuckered out!

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