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Labradoodle Puppies, Five weeks old

The Cedar Bend Labradoodle puppies are five weeks old! We have been enjoying them so much! They are certainly developing their personalities more everyday and it is fun watching them grow and explore the world around them. I go back and forth about who I want to keep everyday, they are all so wonderful it is a hard choice! I don't think I can make a wrong decision with this bunch though, so I know whoever I end up with will be perfect. We feed the puppies twice a day right now, they are doing so great eating their food, and drinking water as well, they will be professionals by the time they get to your house. They still sleep quite a bit, but they are getting much more vocal about when they want to get out and come play with us! They stand at the edge of their pen and cry or howl! We try to take them out right after they wake up, because that is when they need to go potty. They do a great job leaving our stone patio and going potty in the grass. A little about their personalities:

Side note: The puppies look so big in these photos! They are much smaller in real life.

The Boys: Sonny and Thunder seem to be most playful out of the males, Sonny still has his light color coat and we think he will have Chip's coat. Thunder has a pretty light colored coat as well!



Lightning just loves Fletcher! Whenever we go outside, Lightning always comes and snuggles up to Fletcher, I am not sure why either, because Fletcher, only being 9 months, tries to grab his fur and does not understand "gentle hands" yet, I have had to rescue Lightning from him a few times! But Lightning just keeps going back, he is a lover and just wants to snuggle up to Fletchers side!

Puddles is named appropriately, as he just melts me into a puddle every time I look at him. He has the most beautiful coat and big ol' puppy dog eyes! He is still the explorer in the group but also loves to sit in your lap and cuddle as well. If he were a female I would keep him because his eyes just melt my heart!

The Females: Blossom is the biggest female in the litter and reminds me SO much of Ellie when Ellie was a puppy! She is Quincy's favorite, so she is held often and snuggles up with Quincy on the couch and takes a nap while Quincy watches TV. She is very playful and is often found with the boys holding her own!

Rain is very sweet and has the most beautiful face. She seems to be very calm and lovable! She is one we have considered keeping for ourselves because she has such a beautiful face and perfectly shaped head!

Lilac is probably the most calm in the litter, I don't notice her playing with the other puppies very often, she seems to be happy just watching the show from the sidelines, she also loves to sit in our lap and be held. She is probably my favorite in the litter, and who we are leaning towards keeping! We will decide for sure by next Sunday.

April is playful! She likes to pen her brothers down and show them she is boss! She has a beautiful head and coat and loves to be held.

Stormy is still the smallest in the litter, but she holds her own with her siblings! She runs around and keeps up with them and is very playful as well, she has a beautiful red coat.

We can't believe we have less then 3 weeks left with the puppies! We have enjoyed them so much.

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