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Labradoodle Puppies Wellness Visit

We took another field trip today! It was the puppies second time in the car, and again, they all did awesome! I am happy to report that none of them seem to have any kind of motion sickness. Which is awesome! I had a dog one time that threw up every time he rode in the vehicle, and it was terrible, so happy that these puppies all seem to ride very well together.

We headed on over to the Anamosa Vet Clinic for the puppies wellness visit. We make sure each puppy is developing and healthy before we administer their vaccines. And I am happy to say they all passed with flying colors! And boy did they make quite the impression upon everyone at the clinic! We had lots of people peek into our room to check out the 9 little fur balls running around! I had a couple people ask how many I had left available, as they were wanting one for themselves! I had to let them know that all the puppies were spoken for!

My big helper!

The vet checked each of their eyes, mouth/teeth, bellies, heart-beats and their weight. The smallest one was Stormy, weighing in at 2 lbs, 6 oz, and the largest one was the big ol' tubby Sonny, weighing in at 2 lbs, 15.5 oz So between the biggest one, and the smallest one, there was only 9.5 oz difference. They are all growing wonderfully!

Thunder getting his heart checked.

After our vet visit we came back home and I took them straight from the car, to their pen out back, and they immediately all went potty, that was great to see, as it means they were all holding their potty while in their kennel, and knew they were supposed to go potty once we got outside. I was proud of them!

Going potty outside after our trip. Let us out! We want to play!

Aside from our field trip today, we also spent our first time being loose in the house. They were only allowed the run of our "kitchen" but they thoroughly enjoyed it. It took all of them a few seconds to get used to the linoleum floor, as they are used to blankets or grass, but once they got the hang of it, they were really running around and playing!

I think it is important to introduce the puppies to as many things as we safely can, to ensure each one is well adjusted puppy ready for a new home and environment. So far each puppy has had the option of exploring a concrete patio, a mulched play area, grass, blankets, a kennel, and linoleum. They also have heard a lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, and lots of chatter amongst us and the kiddos. They can eat their food out of a dog bowl, and also drink water from a dog bowl as well (although today Thunder lost his balance and fell face first into the water!) All in all they are growing and exploring everyday and looking forward to becoming a part of their new families very soon!

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