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Puppy Playdate!!

When I first started researching the Australian Labradoodle, I came across a breeder that offered puppy socialization play dates to her community. It was a way to introduce the breed to people in her town, but also a fun way to socialize the puppies to people outside of the immediate home. I remember thinking what a great idea that was! And hoping someday I could offer that with my future puppies. Well today we had our first puppy socialization day! I belong to a book club, so I invited all the ladies in my book club, and their kiddos, over for a puppy play date. Prior to the playdate the puppies had been outside for almost an hour, it was so beautiful out today and they love to play outside! So by the time my guests arrived, most of the puppies were sound asleep. The kiddos loved playing with them, and the puppies enjoyed the extra snuggles. It was a great time and I will definitely be doing another one before the puppies go home!

Hip, Hip Hooray! Its puppy playdate day!

Kisses for Lyla!

Lyla and Olive thought the puppies were great fun!

Kacey and Channing snuggling the puppies

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