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A trip to the farm!

Yesterday we made a trip down to my parents farm in Muscatine. They live about an hour away. The puppies, aside from a little whining in their kennel, did very well on the trip down! We had lots of visitors come see the puppies! We had at least 15 people come out to visit and play with them, and the puppies had a great time following the kids around in the yard. They do very well coming when they are called! And love to play "follow the leader". Today they have spent most of their time sleeping on our cool kitchen floor, I think they are worn out from all the fun yesterday! Ellie had some great fun as well! She took a dip in my parents pool with Quincy and had lots of people play fetch with her! A big thank you to Sarah Siler, with Sarah Siler Photography for the awesome photos!

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