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Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have enjoyed watching the puppies on the puppy cam! I love watching them on it and I live here! It sure is handy when we are not home though and want to check in on them. Right now there isn't much to see, as they mostly just eat and sleep, but as of just a few days ago they are starting to interact with one another and are learning how to play. Today I noticed them "sitting" for the first time, which really makes them look like dogs and not just little balls of fur! Quincy continues to be a huge helper with the puppies and loves to sit on the couch and snuggle them while she watches a show. Fletcher is a sneaky little thing and likes to sneak into the pen when we aren't looking. He has learned how to open the doors in our house, so we have to be extra watchful of him as he loves the puppies too! Ellie continues to be an amazing Mommy and as of right now we don't have to do much with the puppies! Aside from change their mat out and take photos of them (and snuggle them) she pretty much does it all! In the next two weeks the puppies will star to eat solid food and will be moved into a play area for them to explore and learn new things. They are also old enough to start having visitors! So if you are interested in getting some puppy snuggles, let us know!

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