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Cedar Bend Labradoodles - Five Weeks Old!

The puppies are growing so much! They are now pro's at eating and drinking and are still learning how to use their potty matts! The puppies will turn 6 weeks old on Thursday and will get their vaccinations, 3rd round of de-worming, and micro-chips! After they are vaccinated they will now be able to go outside! We will then start working with them on outdoor potty-ing and socialization outside of the home. The puppies coats and personalities are really starting to show, but our families are still having a hard time deciding who they think will be the perfect fit for their family! Although with these guys, its hard to make a bad decision, they are all pretty perfect! We have weekly visitors in to hold and snuggle the puppies, this week was a busy week with 25+ visitors! All of those extra sounds, smells and people are so great for our puppies early socialization! Aside from new people, we also let them explore new territory! We try to take the puppies out of their play-yard individually and let them explore different areas by themselves to help them build self confidence and learn that new things can be fun, and not intimidating! The puppies also had their first bath on Saturday! They did great and had fun trying to drink the water as it came out of the faucet. They all snuggled up in front of the heater afterwards to help dry off, their fur sure fluffed up! They looked like little cotton balls all fluffy and cute. Here are a few of the photos we took this week!

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