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Why we're named 'Cedar Bend'

When Andrew and I first considered getting into the Australian Labradoodle world, we talked in depth about what we wanted to name our business. We seriously considered 'Midwest's Best Labradoodles' but for one reason or another we decided against it. After a little bit of brainstorming, I thought about one of the places on this Earth that has always brought me joy, peace, and a sense of wonderment; the Cedar River - and more specifically, the bend of the Cedar River.

I grew up right here on this beautiful property.

My childhood was bare feet and tanned skin, fishing poles and canoes. Horses and puppies and cattle and kittens. I was raised here from the time I was born, up until I met Andrew at 19 years old.

We come back to this farm frequently, and our dogs love it just as much as we do. They spend their summers here as well. Swimming in the lake, chasing the rabbits in the fields, and taking naps on the porch swing when they've had a long day.

So after realizing that the piece of property that I grew up on, was just as special to them, as it was to us, our name seemed like a no brainer, and that is how Cedar Bend Labradoodles came to be.

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