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Meet our Girls

We have three girls who live in our house with us Ellie, Jolene and Bailey. Right now, Ellie and Jolene are both (presumed) pregnant, and we get a lot of questions about each girl. I wanted to make a blog post about these two girls to make it easier for people to pick which litter they want to be. Ellie: Ellie is our foundation girl. She weighs 30 pounds and is 18 inches tall at the shoulder. Ellie has a curly cream coat with an apricot tinge to it. She is considered a "caramel ice" due to her brown nose.

Ellie has one great love in her life; a tennis ball. Ellie LOVES to fetch and is very good at it. Often times we will 'pretend' to throw the ball and then hide it when she isn't looking. She ALWAYS finds it! We can throw the ball far out into a corn field and she will always bring it back. Ellie has a great nose on her and is very driven. She would fetch all day, everyday if someone was around to throw the ball!

Aside from fetch, Ellie also loves water. She loves hoses, and sprinklers and any form of spraying water. She also is one to take a dip in the pool with us when its warm out.

The best way to describe Ellie is, energetic, playful, driven, and adventurous. Ellie has produced amazing puppies for us with laid back, easy going attitudes. She is a wonderful Momma and very attentive to her puppies. Jolene: We got Jolene when she was 9 months old from California and it was love at first sight. Jolene is our 50 pound lap dog. She loves to snuggle and is a gentle giant.

She has a very calm, loving temperament and is wonderful with our kiddos. Jolene is our toy destroyer and although she loves stuffed toys, they only last about five minutes with her. Jolene gets along very well with other dogs and makes friends quickly.

Jolene had a rich dark chocolate coat when she was younger but it has slowly faded to a light chocolate now. She almost looks like she has blonde highlights in her coat. Most people that see her in person always comment on how beautiful her coat is because it truly looks highlighted.

Jolene has the thickest coat of all of our dogs and is built very stout! She is extremely stocky. The best way to describe Jolene is, loving, snuggly, calm, gentle.

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